CERRA Program Registration and Enrollment Services

The Crisis Event Response & Recovery Access (“CERRA”) Program is a nationwide program focused on assuring the successful transit and access of critical response and recovery resources before, during, and after emergencies.  The CERRA Program is a nationwide initiative of the Emergency Services Sector Coordinating Council (ESSCC), supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

ERIN supports Critical Infrastructure Owners and Operators and private sector Emergency Response organizations in registering with the CERRA Program, enrolling their Emergency Response personnel, and requesting access to emergency zones, nationwide.  ERIN also supports State, local, and regional Jurisdictions in establishing programs that comply with CERRA Program requirements.

Principals of ERIN have led and been integrally involved in the development and implementation of the CERRA Program since before its inception, and have served as Subject Matter Experts to efforts of the ESSCC and the Department of Homeland Security to implement and expand the CERRA Program nationwide.

For additional information about the CERRA Program and ERIN’s CERRA Registration and Enrollment Services, please contact Dennis Kelly, CEO at 504-251-0240 or via email at dkelly@erinfonet.com


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